Wednesday, December 31, 2008

My Husband... Dallas Clark??

It is funny how people change. When I first married Aaron, actually when we were dating, he was such a loving and wonderful man. And apparently he looked a lot like Ross from Friends. We would hear it everywhere we went, until he grew his goatee. Now, 7 years later, he is still a loving and wonderful man... who apparently looks like Dallas Clark from the Colts. Aaron is quick to point out that no one makes this comparison in person, he is about half his size. But in pictures and on TV, children and adults alike have been convinced he is Dallas. Oh, how we change. :-)

Who is who??

Monday, December 29, 2008

Baxter baby

I was thinking the other day... does Baxter think we are being condescending when we talk to him in that baby voice?? After all, he is like 60 years old really. The funniest thing... I mentioned this to Aaron and he apparently had this thought a few days ago. We are married for a reason!!

Monday, December 08, 2008

Thanks Ladies

Yesterday I had the pleasure of spending the day with several of the most wonderful women I know. I was moved by how they all came together and joined in the season, even though few knew more than 1 or 2 people there. I loved seeing all the small children playing together and watching my son happily share every single toy of his. It was wonderful to have my home filled with love and laughter and to see faces of people that I haven't seen in a long time. How incredible that every facet of my life was able to come together so nicely for a day... my La Leche friends, my family, friends from work, friends from high school, and friends from college. I feel so blessed to have such a wonderful group of women to share with, to admire and look up to, and to feel supported by. Thank each of you for your friendship, your love, and your time!!
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