Thursday, January 15, 2009

Farewell Dungy

I wanted to say something about our now former football coach, Tony Dungy. I listened to his retirement press conference the other day and honestly wanted to cry. I, and the rest of the city, will greatly miss him. Now, I know that this may seem overly dramatic since I never met the man, but there is a lot to love about him.

When he came to Indy he said he wanted to turn the community into Colts fans by winning the right way. And that is exactly what he did. He came into this city and won and won and won. He made the players into heros to our children. But the reason we all love him so much is the way he did it. Dungy always conducts himself in a manner of respect, humility, grace, and while remaining true to his faith. He also lead a team of men who were expected to do the same. In a world where, as a parent, you question whether sports are acceptable entertainment for your child because of the seriously poor choices so many of the athletes make, it is refreshing to find a team that walks the straight line. Watching them win is watching the good guys win. You have to respect the team and the hard work they put into their jobs and their community. Dungy raised athletes that are contributing to the community instead of taxing it. He set an example that I wish more coaches would follow. I get sick of seeing coaches acting out on the sidelines and showing disrespect to their team and the refs. Dungy was strong about what he thought on a call, but also respectful at all moments. He had a no excuses mentality that more people should take to heart in their lives.

I am hopeful that the new leadership of our beloved team will continue to maintain the legacy that he built. I hope that the Colts remain a positive example of what men are, of what sportmanship is, and of what "doing it the right way" can create. So, if I could tell Dungy one thing, I would say "You did it. You turned me into a Colts fan and you did it the right way. Thank you!"

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