Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Our New President

Today wouldn't be complete without sharing my thoughts about the Inauguration of President Barack Obama. First, I have to just put out there that I am thrilled, touched, hopeful, and elated! (and impressed that they chose to dance to "At Last" as their Inaugural Dance... our first dance at our wedding!) :-)

I feel that President Obama embodies so much of what I have wanted to see in American politics. The ideas that other generations have criticized as being naive are now shared by the most powerful man in the world. Finally, someone is leading our country that seems to feel that integrity, respect, and honor are the best ways to show power in this world. Finally, someone that values the lives of all human beings, regardless of their location in this world or their ideological differences. I have so much hope for this man and his role in our country! I pray that he remains safe and energized and that the burden of his new post does not silence the power of his convictions.

I also have become a huge fan of Michelle Obama. Finally, a woman is in office who I can relate to. A woman who is educated, powerful, and strong, but also feminine and sexy. A woman who has been a working mother. Even though she has had the financial comfort to avoid many of the difficulties that most working women face, I feel she will be a true advocate for women, children, education, and human rights. I feel that she is a woman that I can look up to and truly respect!

I am so proud to see this family in our White House. I am thrilled to see a man and woman that appear to be a team, a dedicated mother and father, a loving couple, and a couple that are still so down to earth.

So, as they begin their new roles, here are some of the things I wish for them and from them:
  • I pray they remain safe
  • I pray they remain in touch... with each other, with us, with themselves
  • I pray they remain humble, compassionate, and sensitive
  • I pray the fire in them is not extinguished by the burdens of the jobs
  • I pray that their daughters continue to grow to be models to all young women
  • I pray the world sees our choice in them to lead us as a promise that we are a loving, compassionate people
  • I pray that the country gathers to support him and that he continues to earn that support and respect over the years
  • I pray that he proves wrong the critics and proves right the hearts of so many people that believe he IS the change we need!!!

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