Saturday, January 03, 2009

Creating a life of love

Today I was at a funeral service for a woman that I had never met, but I was there to support a family friend. I listened to the moving service and had many thoughts. First, I was taken by how wonderful this woman seemed to have been and was sad that I had not been able to meet her. And I was so touched by the people and stories there. I realized that I really want to live my life so that I create that type of love too. It was amazing to listen to her husband of 59 years speak so fondly of her and their life together. He called the need for him to provide her total care in the end a "total honor". He gave her credit for the successful career he had and their loving family. He spoke of her strength and even her moments of weakness. At 26, she had suffered from Polio while pregnant and spent the rest of her life in a wheelchair. He had once been counseled to leave her for his own sake and the sake of their 5 daughters, but it said that was just unacceptable. Instead, they faced their adversity together and ended up with a wonderful life full of experience and joy. She even went on an African safari with him! I want my marriage to be like that, that solid and powerful. There were so many people there. It was obvious that she had touched many. I hope that my life, too, will be marked by the love and support I show for others. The experience was very special and renewed a purpose in my mind to be that person... the supportive, happy, joyful, lively person that creates the love that this powerful woman did.

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